Create Online Gift Registry & Plan your Events

Plan a Get-Together

Plan a Get Together

Plan a Get together with your friends and coworkers. Create an event. Add a Unilist. Invite Guests. Guests RSVP online. You can track who is attending and make the proper plan.

Plan a Baby Shower

Plan a Baby Shower

Plan a baby shower. Invite friends and Family. Create and attach a Universal Registry (UniList) from any site. Share the UniList with friends and family. Track RSVP and plan the event properly. Get the Gifts you really need.

Plan a Sports Event

Plan a Sports Event

Have a Sports Event?; Plan it with ListDealz. Invite Friends. Set the Date and Time. Attach a UniList. Track RSVP to plan properly.

Plan a Birthday Party

Plan a Birthday Birthday Party Planning made Easy. Create a Gift Registry. Create an Event. Invite Guests. Track RSVP. Get the Gifts you want.

Who can use ListDealz & UniList?

Online Gift Registry & Event Management

Any host for an event (Birthday, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Get together, sports event, etc…) can use ListDealz to invite guests, track their RSVP, Attach a Gift list to the event, & fund the event.

Kids Birthday Gift Registry

A parent can create an event, add guests (kid’s friends), send invite emails, SMS, or cards. Parent can attach a gift registry or a note of what the child likes as gifts. Guests can RSVP online. Guests can view List online, they can purchase form list. Host can track guests RSVP and accommodate them for the party.

Bridal Gift Registry

A bride can create Online Wedding Gift Registry, Create an Event, add Guests (her friends and family), send invites, attach the Online Gift Registry, request cash gifts. Guests can RSVP online. Bride can view Guest SRVP status to plan the gathering accordingly.

Consolidated Shopping/Shipping

So many people travel from places around the world to the US to do annual shopping. They spend a lot of travel expenses and accommodation expenses to make shopping for $1000s. A service like ListDealz can help with that. If Listdealz partners with a Consolidated shipping company, users can create their list, contact the consolidated shipping company, order their list to the address of the consolidated shipping. Then the shipping company consolidates all list items and ship them overseas to the user, for a fee. This can save $1000s for the users, which they can spend on travel to other places and enjoying their vacation.

Minor Sports Events

So many amateur sports teams have to organize get togethers for the team or sports events, like special exercise or trips. A Site like List deals can help the team create the event and attach any items they have to purchase for the event or even fund the event.

New Products Roll out

When a new site/shop wants to roll out new products, they can create a Uni list for their products and invite customers to view the products and maybe even purchase some of them. They can even organize an online event, webinar or something for their customers.